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Culinary wine tastings | Classic wine tastings | Wine events

CG Wein is the name (based on her initials) under which Christa Guth organises and conducts wine events and wine tastings.

Through her years of work in viticulture, the experience she has gained from countless wine tastings and events as well as her network on the Hessische Bergstrasse, she can offer you a wide range of options. You choose the setting and Ms Guth takes care of all the arrangements – for private or business events. 

Stefanie Berg
64625 Bensheim
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Wine tours focusing on cultural history |  Winetasting with AromaBar  |  Guided tours of towns and villages

Enjoy a leisurely guided walk through the vineyards and sample the wines of the Bergstrasse in the vineyards themselves. On your individual wine tour, you will gain an overall impression of the smallest German winegrowing area and the variety of grapes it has to offer, including red Riesling, a rarity grown along the Hessische Bergstrasse.

Ask us to put together a tailor-made programme for you! We will be pleased to make you an offer.

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Medifact Edition Verlags GmbH
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Wine hikes  |  Wine tasting  |  Wine tours

International wine expert Brigitte Zimmermann will be happy to guide you through the vineyard sites of the Hessische and Badische Bergstrasse. She also facilitates wine tastings (in vineyards, cellars, at wine estates or in taverns) in English and French. Brigitte Zimmermann organises group activities such as cultural hikes, picnics in the vineyard, bus tours with wine tasting, and visits to wine cellars and wine estate tours.

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Bergsträßer Winzer EG
Tel. +49 (0) 06252-799426 

Bergstraße-Odenwald UNESCO Global Geopark
Tel. +49 (0) 6251-707990

The trail covers 6.9 km (shortcuts are possible) through the vineyards with around 70 stops where you can learn interesting facts about wine, grape varieties, geology, climate, history, the local way of life and the flora and fauna of the Bergstrasse.

The Bergsträßer Winzer association organises guided tours with tastings of Bergstrasse wine in the vineyards and offers you a hands-on wine experience. You can also enjoy this type of experience on geodiscovery  & pleasure hikes with Geopark rangers.

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This joint project turns hiking into a real experience. It is a wine hike that is co-organised by the fruit, gardening and winegrowers’ association Heidelberg-Rohrbach and the Bergstraße-Odenwald UNESCO Global Geopark, with support from the city of Heidelberg. Over 40 information boards in the vineyards present facts worth knowing about wine, grape varieties, geology, climate, history and the local way of life as well as local plants and animals along the roughly 8km trail. 

Large annual wine hike, with catering 

A large number of guided tours every year: “Wine and geology” or “Wild herbs in the vineyard”